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Establishing an effective oral hygiene routine includes making sure that you have a diet that is conducive to keeping your teeth strong. If you continually find yourself snacking on unhealthy sweets and treats, you could be causing damage to your teeth and gums. Below, we have provided some tips about how you can make sure your diet is helping your oral health:

  • Avoid snacking throughout the day.
  • Focus on foods that can help produce additional saliva, which includes apples and pears.
  • Some minerals in food can help strengthen your tooth enamel. Some of these minerals are calcium and phosphorus.
  • Avoid acidic foods, sweets and treats, or those that have sour undertones. These types of foods often have a low pH level and high acidity.
  • Avoid products that are high in sugars or starches, as they have been proven to increase your risk for dental erosion.
  • Avoid hard candy, as it can easily chip and crack teeth.
  • Sticky and chewy snacks can increase your risk of tooth decay because debris can linger on your teeth for extended periods of time.

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