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Our friendly and experienced dental team is committed to making your oral health one of our top priorities at Silver Creek Dental, and we strive to meet all of your dental needs to help you enjoy a better smile. You can keep your smile in good health between professional dental cleanings by practicing daily dental habits, including cleaning your tongue.

Your tongue is a prime environment for many oral bacterial acids, and neglecting to clean it regularly allows bacteria to build up and cause bad breath, a fuzzy coating on the tongue, a bad taste in the mouth, and even changes to your taste buds.

Cleaning your tongue is easy. You can achieve a good clean by running your toothbrush from the back to the tip of the tongue, scraping away any bacteria deposits. Some patients prefer a tongue scraper, which is designed to avoid your gag reflex while cleaning and can be found in the dental aisle of most grocery stores. Whichever tool you choose to use, we urge you to keep it clean by rinsing it thoroughly after each use with warm water followed by an antibacterial mouthwash.

Please feel free to contact our dentist, Dr. Scott Chandler, and our team at 801-465-1810 today if you have any questions about how to keep your tongue clean in Payson, Utah, and to schedule your next dental checkup for a thorough cleaning. We would love to see you at Silver Creek Dental!