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Some cases of oral trauma and severe tooth decay are so pronounced that the affected teeth cannot be viably treated by endodontic therapy. In an extreme case such as this, a dentist like Dr. Scott Chandler might recommend extracting the teeth to help alleviate pain and prevent a serious periodontal infection.

The recovery process will likely include a prescription for pain medication. If a dental abscess or other infection was present in the surrounding gum tissues, he might also include prescription antibiotics. These medications will need to be taken at the specified times and dosages.

Once everything has fully healed the dental restoration specialists at Silver Creek Dental might be able to provide you a partial denture to replace the basic function of your missing teeth. It is a removable dental appliance that will be designed to replicate the missing teeth. They will be founded on a pink base that matches your local gums.

The partial denture also includes some hardware components to help temporarily marry the unit with the adjacent teeth. The pink base will also closely match the structural shape of your gums. However, you might still like to apply a little denture adhesive for added hold.

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